Letter from our founders

The why behind Growthzilla

Running a salon and spa involves orchestrating a variety of repetitive tasks that tires even the most motivated business owners and operators. Existing solutions either focus on just one or two of these tasks or are too cumbersome, expensive and unreliable.

From our experience working for publicly traded companies and data-driven startups, we understand that if a business is not collecting and using data to drive revenue growth, it is leaving money on the table. This was a sad reality for most of the salons before we set out to build Uzeli, a modern yet simple everyday salon and spa software.

Uzeli was born with two distinct goals in mind:

  • Give small business owners and personal care professionals the same data-driven tools to grow and run their business that is exclusive to technology companies.
  • In doing so, we also wanted Uzeli to be deceptively simple for salon operators to be able to use in their everyday lives with very little training or any IT help.

Over the course of the last 5 years, we have strived to simplify Uzeli’s capabilities spanning the entire booking to checkout experience -- making Uzeli a modern, all-in-one salon and spa management software. And we continue to add further capabilities to simplify salon operations and promote growth.

Today, Uzeli is used by 10,000+ beauty professionals and artists in over 40 states to improve and enrich their overall customer experience. And we are proud to say that our customers agree to that.

Whether you’re ready to move on from pen and paper work, or you’re fed up with complicated salon software, we hope you will give Uzeli a try. We’re confident that you’ll love it. Otherwise, we’ll give your money back :)

Happy modern saloning!

Bandana, Bipul and Shishir
Founders @Growthzilla