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Intuitive Salon and Spa Software with 100+ Features to Manage and Grow Your Business

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Whether you are just starting your business or have already expanded it to hundreds of locations, Uzeli comes with features that you need today and tomorrow.

Point of Sale System

Uzeli is a state-of-the-art Point of Sale system built specifically for salons and spa. Integrates with EMV terminal, cash drawer and printer on tablet, PC or Mac

Appointment Booking

Uzeli includes a robust booking engine that allows clients to book online. Text reminders and cancellation fees significantly reduce no-shows

Self Check-in Kiosk

Uzeli's check-in tablet captures client contact information and service selections. The check-in tablet is the best way to build your client database

Automated Marketing

Uzeli remembers your clients, what services they did, with whom and when. Equipped with this information, it can automatically send coupons to clients

Loyalty Rewards

Gone are the days of punched cards and one-trick-pony loyalty systems. Uzeli comes with a customizable loyalty rewards program. Your clients will love it!

Referral Program

Use your existing happy customers to get new customers. Uzeli's referral rewards program tracks referrals and rewards referring and referred clients with ease

Products and Inventory

Sell products and keep track of inventory with ease. When it is time to re-order, use the built-in ordering tool to identify products that are running low.

Packages & Memberships

Sell, redeem and track gift cards, packages and memberships. Choose between virtual card or plastic gift card with your logo on it 

Client Feedback

Uzeli's Smart Checkout technology offers clients a modern check-out experience. It also prompts them to rate their experience for that specific visit.

Uzeli Live

Smartphone app for owners and managers. Stay informed about the business while on the go.

Uzeli Know

Designed for salon and spa associates. Managers can configure functionality available to each staff.

Answer 5 Easy Questions to Generate a Pitch for Your Business. Learn About the Specific Ways Uzeli Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals...

Outdated, Buggy Software Do More Harm To Your Business Than Good. Let Your Competitors Deal With Those.

You Have Found Uzeli!

Answer 5 Easy Questions to Generate a Pitch for Your Business. Learn About the Specific Ways Uzeli Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals...

Uzeli Growth Promise

Uzeli is a data driven growth platform for salons and spa. It collects and organizes data and uses Data Science to help businesses grow. With Uzeli, the question is not whether you will grow but by how much. Most Uzeli customers make 10% to 35% more in revenue starting their third month.

*Result for Actual Uzeli Client 

Great Team, Best Customer Support Ever!...Ease of use rocks! We tried Booker and a few others before Uzeli. For us and our team they just didn't make the cut. I would highly recommend giving Uzeli a try.
So recently they've implemented this new check-in/rewards system. Everything is digitalized, and you get an estimate of how long the wait will be ... this new system is so convenient! Definitely very cool and an improvement


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