Growthzilla software is used by barber shops
Growthzilla software is used by beauty salons
Growthzilla software is used by eyebrow threading salons
Growthzilla software is used by nail salons
Growthzilla software is used by tanning salons
Growthzilla software is used by spa

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Uzeli is a versatile
Appointment Scheduling Software

Uzeli is a powerful loyalty program for salons

Uzeli is a maintenance free
Text Message Marketing

Uzeli is an easy to use salon POS

Uzeli is a complete growth solution
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Growthzilla software is used by nail salons
Growthzilla software is used by health spas

Built Specifically For Health and Beauty Service Businesses

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Features that give your business wings

Appointment Scheduling Software

Double bookings, text tags and last minute cancellations. All too common symptoms of an inefficient appointment management. Uzeli solves all your appointment problems. Customers can book an appointment online? Check! Unified calendar for online, phone and in-store appointments? Check! Confirmations and reminders? Check! Saves trees and your time? Check!

Customer Loyalty Rewards

Gone are the days of punched cards and one trick pony loyalty programs. Uzeli does loyalty. And it does it better. More than 95% of customers participate in loyalty programs when empowered by Uzeli. And Uzeli does a lot more than loyalty. Uzeli focuses on your customer's experience at your salon and makes sure that they leave happy. Every visit.

Text Message Marketing

Most text message marketing programs are a lot of work. You don't have time to request phone numbers, organize them and license tools to send messages. Uzeli acquires customer's phone numbers using a opt-in process. It analyzes customers preferences from their visits and enables salon owners to send targeted text messages. There is nothing else like this.

Waitlist Management

Everyone hates the sign-up sheet. No one fills all the information. Even the information that gets filled is not well organized. Do you know when Sally last came to your store? Do you know what services she used? Uzeli replaces your sign-up sheet. It manages the waitlist to minimize the wait time and maximize the profit. It's a win win.

Stylist Performance Reports

Not all stylists are the same. Some earn you more money. Some earn you loyal customers. Some others may be mishandling money. You can't look after every associate every moment of the day. Especially if you have more than one salon location. Uzeli creates transparency by managing the process from customer sign-up to check out. Uzeli helps you know your associates - both good and bad.

Sales Analytics

How many customers visited the business today? How much was the revenue last week? What percentage of customers are returning back? Which advertisements are working? A lot of effort goes into knowing this. Most businesses stop at revenue. Uzeli comes with a set of reports that give you insights into your business that you never knew were possible. You can take your salon business to new heights with the analytics Uzeli brings to your fingertips.


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