Having trouble growing your salon or overwhelmed by everything you need to get done at work?

Salons and spas choose Uzeli when pen and paper, spreadsheets or sticky notes get messy. When retail Point of Sale (POS) systems like Clover or Square are too limited or Salon and Spa Management Software (SMS) like Booker/Mindbody, Millenium, Shortcuts or Salon Ultimate are too cumbersome.

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What can you do with Uzeli?

Whether you are just starting your business or have already expanded it to hundreds of locations, Uzeli comes with features that you need today and tomorrow

Effortlessly run and manage your business

Uzeli combines multiple tools you need to run your business into one easy to use system.

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  • Simplify appointment bookings for your customers

    Uzeli makes it easier for your customers to book appointments with their preferred service provider by synchronizing appointments, staff and schedules. Uzeli’s zero-friction booking means more customers book online.

  • Organize staff scheduling and calculate their pay

    Uzeli takes the hassle out of managing staff schedules with a simple drag and drop scheduler. Uzeli also tracks hours and commissionable sales for your staff which means you can generate payroll reports in one click.

  • Manage your entire salon operations with a single system

    Empower your salon staff to perform their day-to-day tasks from appointment booking to checkout in just a few clicks. Plus, they can easily access client profile before service to personalize their experience.

Provide a safe and delightful client experience

Uzeli’s low touch experience from booking to checkout makes the process seamless and your customer feel safe—all without losing your personal touch.

  • Provide contactless check-in and check-out process to your customers with Uzeli’s tablets.
  • Make your waiting areas uncrowded by sending appointment details and check-in texts automatically
  • Pull up your client’s up-to-date information while they wait and delight them with personalized experience
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Growthzilla Mobile

Grow your business with modern marketing tools

Attract more new customers and retain existing ones with a marketing suite that is designed to increase your revenue.

  • Send promotions you know your clients will like based on their visit history
  • Follow up on customers who hasn’t returned with customizable emails, texts and coupons
  • Convert happy customers into advocates by offering rewards for referrals and reviews
  • Know where to invest with detailed reports on your campaign numbers
Growthzilla Mobile

What makes Uzeli the best salon and spa software you’ll ever use?

(Guaranteed, or your money back)

  • It’s revered for its simple and intuitive features.

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    Uzeli is very user friendly, I was able to navigate through it quite swiftly. It has made customer check-in and the overall transaction much simpler and easier.

    Shreya D
    Henna Threading and Beauty
  • You and your team will pick it up in hours, not weeks.

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    Best suited to our business model. Ease of use and simplified so staff could run it without our constant input.

    Matt F.
    RedMo HairCutters
  • It’s an all-in-one platform with unlimited possibilities.

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    An all-in-one salon management platform that connects with every actors of a salon value chain right from the owners, the stylists/artists to the target customers and clients.

    Prawesh K.
    Universal Traders

Uzeli is a modern way to run and grow your business as well as improve client experience from booking to checkout

Use the cloud based software on state-of-the-art hardware to increase speed and reduce downtime

  • Intuitive touch based user interface makes Uzeli easy to learn and use
  • Custom Growthzilla designed tablets ensure reliability at a very reasonable price
  • Cloud based printer and credit card terminal ease remote support
  • Flexible cloud architecture allows you to configure multiple tablets as needed
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Need more screen real-estate or horse power? Uzeli is also available as Windows and Mac apps.

  • Bring your own desktop computer and run Uzeli in full screen mode
  • Integrates with Growthzilla Printer, Payment Terminal, Cash Drawer and Barcode Readers
  • More screen real-estate makes managing appointments for a large team easier
  • Combine with tablets for check-in and checkout to get the best of both breed
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Convert your sign-in sheet into a digital loyalty program and collect client contact information

  • Extend a warm welcome to repeat clients while collecting information about first-timers
  • Offer appointment clients a one-click check-in process while letting walk-ins choose services
  • Show available service providers and their estimated wait times to walk-in clients
  • Prompt new clients for referral code and automatically issue rewards to referrer and referee
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Upgrade your checkout game with Uzeli’s SmartCheckout tablet

  • Show clients the total amount due along with list of services and products purchased
  • Prompt them to enter the tip amount during checkout to save time and reduce errors
  • Let clients swipe/dip/tap their card or use Apple Pay / Android Pay themselves
  • Collect feedback after every transaction about how their experience was
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