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  • Optimize Your Booking Process with Automated Scheduling
  • Never Run Low with Smart Inventory Tracking & Alerts
  • Gain Insights with Detailed Financial and Service Reports

"Now, with Uzeli, the salon—has reduced their need to hire 2 extra staff, increased their online booking appointments by over 50% and has witnessed 40-50 customers return every two weeks through Uzeli’s loyalty programs."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Uzeli Salon Software offer any features for salon product sales?
Yes, Uzeli Salon Software facilitates salon product sales with its integrated point of sale (POS) system. It allows salons to manage their product inventory, process transactions, and track sales performance. This feature streamlines the process of selling products with or without a barcode scanner making it easier for salons to boost their retail sales.
Can Uzeli Salon Software track employee commissions and tips?
Absolutely. Uzeli Salon Software has a comprehensive system for tracking employee commissions and tips. It allows salons to set up simple or tiered commission structures and automatically calculates commissions based on services rendered and products sold. Commission rates can vary by staff and/or services. Additionally, the software makes it easy to track and manage tips received by employees, ensuring accurate and fair compensation.
How does Uzeli Salon Software handle client no-shows and late cancellations?
Uzeli Salon Software helps salons manage client no-shows and late cancellations effectively. The software enables salons to set and enforce cancellation policies, including the option to charge cancellation fees. Automated reminders and confirmations help reduce the incidence of no-shows, while the ability to capture credit card details at booking provides a safeguard against lost revenue.
Can Uzeli Salon Software handle online and in-salon retail sales?
Yes, Uzeli Salon Software is equipped to handle both online and in-salon retail sales. Its integrated POS system supports in-salon product sales, while its e-commerce capabilities enable online sales through the salon's website or mobile app. This dual approach allows salons to maximize their retail potential by reaching clients both in the salon and online.
Is Uzeli Salon Software suitable for both small and large salons?
Yes, Uzeli Salon Software is versatile and scalable, making it suitable for salons of all sizes. For small salons, it offers easy-to-use tools to manage day-to-day operations efficiently. For larger salons or chains, it provides advanced features like multi-location management, extensive reporting, and customization options, catering to their complex needs.