Revive the 80s with These Trendy and Timeless Hairstyles for 2023

As the 80s fashion revival continues,
that includes its iconic hairstyles.

Whether you’re rocking a mullet or bangs, there are plenty of ways to bring your look from yesteryear into the 21st century. Here are some of our favorite 80s hairstyle ideas for 2023:
The Mullet

The Mullet:

The iconic 80s mullet is making a huge comeback, and it's the perfect style for anyone looking to make an unforgettable statement. This classic cut can be tailored to suit any personal aesthetic; whether you're a punk rocker or preppy princess, there's something here for everyone! To create a modern twist on this timeless look, opt for longer lengths on top with shorter sides.

The Jheri Curl:

With its glossy, well-defined curls and crisp angles, this hairstyle has been a red-carpet staple for celebrities like Michael Jackson. To keep the look fresh though, it requires frequent upkeep and styling. Use a curl-enhancing product like mousse or gel to create those beautiful ringlets, and don’t forget about the finishing touches. A little extra shine spray will go a long way!

The Jheri Curl
The Perm

The Perm:

This voluminous, bouncy hairstyle is a classic look from the 80s that has been revitalized in recent years. To get the most out of your perm, opt for subtle layers and curl sizes to add extra texture. This gives you plenty of styling options and allows you to create those signature big-hair looks without going overboard.

Multi-color mohawk:

During the 80s, rocking a mohawk was all the rage! To really make an impact on onlookers, many people would add fun colors and lay their hair back for extra flair. This look involved shaving one's head of its sides while leaving a strip of longer locks at the top - creating an unforgettable style that is still being emulated today!

Multi-color mohawk
The Ponytail

The Ponytail:

The ponytail is an enduring and elegant hairstyle that never goes out of style. To create this timeless look, simply gather your hair at the back of your head and secure with a tie or elastic. The versatility of the ponytail lends itself to being dressed up for formal occasions, but can also be worn in casual settings - making it perfect for any situation!

The Side Part:

The side part hairstyle is a timeless and classic look that can be worn by both men and women. It involves separating the hair into two sections and creating a deep side part. To achieve this hairstyle, the hair is divided horizontally at the desired point on the head and then combed to one side, typically towards the back of the head. The side part can be worn with a range of haircuts, from short to long, and can be styled with products such as pomade, gel, or wax to add texture and hold. It is a versatile look that can be dressed up or down for formal or casual occasions, and is suitable for people of all ages.

The Side Part
Curly Bangs

Curly Bangs:

To add an extra playful and unique element to your hairstyle, consider trying curly bangs. These bangs provide extra texture and definition to your look, and they are perfect for embracing the carefree spirit of the 1980s. Whether you want to go all out with big, bold curls or opt for a more subtle and refined look, curly bangs can be worn with any other hairstyle on this list to mix things up and add some extra personality to your look. To achieve this style, you can use a curling iron or products such as curl-defining cream or mousse to enhance your natural curls.

The 80s were undeniably a decade full of daring
and creative hairstyles, many of which are still admired today.

From the iconic mullet to classic ponytails, the possibilities for unique looks seemed never-ending! Whether you want an edgy rocker vibe with a mullet or something sleek and modern such as a ponytail – there's no shortage of '80s style options that continue to be timelessly fashionable. Adaptable to diverse styles and occasions, these retro haircuts radiate both class and originality; so go ahead - let your inner fashionista shine through with any one of these classic '80s dos! Ultimately, the 80s were a time of creativity and self-expression when it came to hair, and these classic styles continue to be celebrated and admired today.