Step Up Your Hairstyle Game in 2023: Top 90s Trends to Try Now

Ready to time travel? Let's get nostalgic and
explore the top 90s hairstyles that are trending in 2023!

From creative technology to revolutionary hair trends, the decade of the 1990s is remembered as a period of significant evolution. Now, people both young and old are embracing these classic looks again. If you grew up in the 90s or appreciate its aesthetic charm, - then we invite you to experience some newfound nostalgia with our selection of popular throwback hairstyles making their comeback into fashion this year!Here is a list of haircut styles from the 1990s that are still popular today:
The Bowl Cut

The Bowl Cut:

This '90s haircut is making a comeback; it involves cutting the hair into a bowl-shaped silhouette, with an even length all around the head. It's perfect for adding effortless flair to any outfit!

The Buzz Cut:

The buzz cut is the epitome of a classic look - hair trimmed down uniformly to give you an effortlessly sleek and modern style. A trend that experienced its heyday in the 90s, it has resurfaced again today as a summer favorite!

The Buzz Cut
The Shag

The Shag:

With layers of varying lengths and a tousled, textured look, this haircut has been making its way back into the trend in recent years after first being popularized during the 1990s. It's a great way to add volume and shape to your hair!

The Caesar Cut:

This timeless hairstyle includes evenly cut hair of uniform length, coupled with a classic fringe across the forehead. It is no surprise that people of all ages continue to adore this style from the 90s.

The Caesar Cut
The Undercut

The Undercut:

This haircut involves having the hair on the sides and back of the head buzzed or trimmed very short, while the hair on the top of the head is left longer. It was popular in the 1990s and has remained popular in the years since.

The Bob:

This timeless cut requires a trim of the hair to one uniform length that is easy to maintain and style. It was in trends during the 90s, but it continues to be a well-adored classic haircut today.

The Bob
The Pixie Cut

The Pixie Cut:

This haircut involves cutting the hair very short all around the head, with the hair being shorter on the back and sides and slightly longer on top. It was popular in the 1990s and remains a popular choice for women who want a shorter, low-maintenance haircut.

The Dreadlocks:

This hairstyle involves allowing the hair to grow naturally and then separating it into individual locks or braids. It was popular in the 1990s and has remained popular, especially among certain subcultures and communities.

The Dreadlocks
The Cornrows

The Cornrows:

This hairstyle involves braiding the hair close to the scalp in a series of rows. It was popular in the 1990s and continues to be a popular choice for those looking for a stylish and low-maintenance hairstyle.