Streamline Checkout & Client Feedback With The SmartCheckout Solution

Automate tipping and feedback collection after each transaction with the Client-facing SmartCheckout solution. Leverage Uzeli Salon Software to improve customer satisfaction.

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Streamline Checkout & Client Feedback With The Smartcheckout Solution

SmartCheckout Solution with Uzeli Salon Software

1000's Salon owners using Uzeli Salon Software appreciate the Convenience of SmartCheckout.

Uzeli Salon Software comes with SmartCheckout by Growthzilla, making it easier for customers to self-checkout thus freeing up your staff so they can serve more people. Plus, you can quickly see how customers rate your salon's service using the smart rating workflow in Uzeli Salon Software.

SmartCheckout solution is available for all Uzeli Salon Software users- no need for expensive equipment or setup fees!

Benefits of SmartCheckout Solution
with Uzeli Salon Software:

Reduce cash leakage with Anti Pilferage Solution

The anti-pilferage solution ensures that cash transactions are highly secure. The Uzeli Salon System has an anti-theft feature that enables the cash drawer to open only during the cash transaction and the customer verifies the amount during payment using SmartCheckout Solution.

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Reduce Cash Leakage With Anti Pilferage Solution
Multi-store appointment booking software for salons

Integrated Smart Tipping Workflow for hassle-free tips management

With Uzeli Salon Software, manage tips and feedback easily and efficiently. The integrated Smart Tipping Workflow enables salons to automate the collection of tips and feedback after each transaction. This ensures that your tips are properly accounted for and that you can track customer satisfaction levels.

The Uzeli SmartCheckout solution enables Salons to customize their tipping workflow based on preferences such as fixed, percentage, or both This way it is easier to track tips made by each stylist/service provider at your salon.

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Enhance customer experience with a quick service rating on the service.

Uzeli SmartCheckout's integrated feedback/rating system lets you and your team know what areas clients are dissatisfied with so that you can make changes and improve the quality of your services. Additionally, this will let you see which stylists need more training before they work on their own again!

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Enhance Customer Experience With Immediate Service Rating On The Service

Features Of Smartcheckout Solution
By Uzeli Salon Software

Support For Apple Pay And Google Pay

Customer-facing checkout terminal with multiple payment methods.

Accept payments through multiple payment methods including cash, credit/debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and gift cards.This not only services the digital generation, but it also caters to the cash and card clientele.

Along with cash and digital payments, An integrated loyalty program helps track the loyalty points each client has earned while providing an incentive for loyalty automatically. Clients can redeem loyalty points or gift cards during checkout.

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Multiple Receipt options(no receipt, paper receipt, and text receipt).

Set up multiple receipt options: no receipt, paper receipt, or text receipt that best suits your business needs. This helps accommodate your consumers who wish to minimize waste (environmental concerns) as well as those who want a print receipt of their purchase.

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Multiple Receipt Options For Clients
Fallback Payment Methods Using QR Pay And Text Pay

Fallback payment methods using QR Pay and Text Pay.

Uzeli Salon Software offers a QR Pay and Text Pay fallback payment method in case the POS system fails so that salon owners can still take payments. By integrating QR Pay and Text pay methods, Salon owners have peace of mind knowing they always have a backup plan should their system go down due to unavoidable circumstances.

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POS Bypass mode to take payments even during the extremely rare event of a POS outage.

Uzeli's Smart Checkout solution is equipped with a "Bypass Mode" which allows businesses to accept all forms of payment in the event of an internet outage or system failure. Being prepared for even the rare instances of an internet outage or system failure equips Uzeli users to never lose a sale!

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POS Bypass Mode To Take Payments