Uzeli barbershop Software: The #1 waitlist management barbershop Software

Are you looking for an efficient way to manage the customer waitlists in your barbershop? Uzeli is the go-to salon and barber shop waitlist Software solution - designed to make customer bookings easier, and boost client satisfaction while increasing your profits.

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Uzeli: The #1 waitlist management Salon Software

Experience the remarkable benefits of the Uzeli salon
and barbershop waitlist app

Efficient Waitlist Management

Efficient Waitlist Management

Uzeli Salon and Barbershop Waitlist app makes salon life easier by enabling you to effortlessly add clients to your waitlist, view estimated waiting times, and even notify customers with a text message about the appointment!

  • Get an at-a-glance view of your entire waitlist and which stylist each client is waiting for with a waitlist display board.
  • You can add new clients to the waiting list with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for paper lists!
  • Uzeli uses historical information to predict how long each customer will have to wait, so you can set expectations.
  • With Uzeli's text notification system, you can let clients know when their appointment is ready and even send them a reminder.

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Easier Appointment and Walk-In Management

You can now quickly and easily manage your appointments and walk-ins, and even reschedule or cancel appointments with just a few clicks!

  • Keep track of your schedule, start and end times, client information, and payments with this Uzeli waitlist management software.
  • Manage long lines and keep your business running smoothly. Uzeli's self-check-in feature allows your clients to check in for their appointments when they arrive.
  • Automatically remind your clients before their upcoming appointments to ensure they don't miss out on their scheduled time.
  • View detailed reports on your business performance in real-time to manage resources for maximum ROI.

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Easier Appointment And Walk-In Management
Staff Management

Staff Management System

Uzeli Waitlist Software makes it effortless to track your staff's start and end times, holidays taken, customer data, and even employee performance - all effortlessly managed in one place. Make the most of your team with Uzeli!

  • Track employee, and contractor's hours, and performance.
  • Manage staff schedule changes and time-off requests.
  • Generate Payroll effortlessly saving hours every week.
  • Send automatic reminders to staff for their upcoming shifts.
  • View detailed reports on employee performance.

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Integrated Payment Processing

Streamline your payment processing with Uzeli, an integrated solution that allows you to effortlessly track payments, tips, and commissions. Improve the speed of transactions.

  • Process payments for appointments and retail products.
  • Accept major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
  • Accept tips and reviews from customers instantly with SmartCheckout by Uzeli.
  • View detailed reports and analytics of all payments processed.

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Process payments quickly

“ Before switching to Uzeli, I used to get almost 50 calls a day from other franchisee staff asking for help with Mindbody issues. And every time we called them for help, it felt like calling Verizon for help, we would get 500 different people to help. That's the straw that broke the camel's back.”

Sean Donovan, Justin's Barbershop

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