Barbershop Staff Scheduling and Payroll Management Software

Uzeli enables barbershops to manage their staff, appointments, and payroll. Learn more about how it can help your business today!

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Barbershop Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software

Have the right people in the right place at the right time. Zero Hassle!

The best way to run a successful barbershop is by having the right people in the right place at the right time. Uzeli's staff scheduling and payroll management software makes it easy for you to organize your staff schedule, calculate their pay, and generate reports with just a few clicks of your mouse.

You can use our drag-and-drop scheduler to set shifts for each employee or enter them manually.Streamlining barbershop operation is easy with automated staff management, payroll reports, product and inventory management. This system will allow you to have complete control over your business without worrying about the logistics of managing everything on your own!

Barbershop Staff Scheduling And Payroll Management Software

Manually managing the schedules and Payroll or using outdated systems can take your business on a downward trajectory instead of saving time and money.

Let us show you how to simplify your life with Uzeli barbershop staff scheduling and payroll software!

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Uzeli Barbershop system helps you communicate effectively with your staff, collaborate on schedules, track hours worked, generate accurate reports for taxes, manage staff paychecks, and more.

Stop wasting time and money with outdated methods- upgrade to Uzeli Barbershop software today!

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Shift Management

Say goodbye to paper rotas forever with Uzeli’s easy-to-use drag and drop shift scheduler. Manage your barbershop staff schedule with ease.

Our software makes it easy for you to organize your staff schedule with a simple drag and drop scheduler. Payroll reports are generated in one click, making it even easier for you to keep track of commissionable sales and hours worked by each staff member.

Setting employee shifts is easy with our drag-and-drop scheduler - no more combing through multiple pages when you have many employees.

With a simple drag and drop scheduler, Uzeli takes the hassle out of managing your team's schedules and calculates their pay. Alongside tracking hours and commissionable sales, you can generate payroll reports in one click with no stress about keeping numbers straight.

Shift Management With Barbershop POS Software
Barbershop Payroll Reports

Payroll Reports

Get ready to be relieved of the stress that comes with managing payroll and hours manually for your hourly staff.

No more spreadsheets, no more headaches! We know how much time is put into employee payroll, so we created a simple way for managers to generate reports and keep track of hours in one click.

Uzeli's payroll feature takes the headache out of calculating your team's compensation. Payroll reports are produced automatically and can be filtered by any set parameter to find what you need in seconds.

Manage payroll for your hourly staff with the ease of generating reports and flexible compensation options. With our features like drill down to how much each staff made, you can be sure that all information is available at a glance.

Check out our payroll features now to save yourself the trouble tomorrow.

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Individual Performance Tracking

Keep tabs on the performance of each staff member(both barbers and support staff) with our individual tracking features. Know when and who is performing best so you can schedule them accordingly and give feedback where necessary!

With Uzeli create a customized weekly report for all employees so you know who is excelling in different areas of skill. You can then train the ones that are struggling were needed to help them work towards overall success!

You can identify employees that need more supervision by monitoring their hours and commissions without having to manually check timesheets for yourself!

Performance Tracking Software For Barbershops
Tips And Commission Tracking POS Software For Barbershop

Tips And Commission Tracking

In the United States, tipping your barber is considered a common courtesy. Uzeli makes it easy for clients to provide tips that are calculated and reported for individual barbers.

With Uzeli Systems, you may set the tips and commission to a specific amount, percentage, or both. Uzeli provides comprehensive reporting that gives insight into how much money each staff member has made and who is earning the most tips. Access all this at any time through an organized user-friendly interface.

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Staff Planning And Staff Management

Uzeli takes the guesswork out of staff scheduling and it's easy to see why. With a real- time dashboard that tracks hours, commissionable sales, and top client information for each barber on your team, you can plan their schedules months in advance based on what time period or service is most popular with clients.

Uzeli automatically tracks employees’ time, making it easy to see their recent times and ensure that resources are being allotted efficiently.

The Uzeli Barbershop Staff Scheduling & Payroll Management Software is a complete solution for managing the schedules and payroll of your barbershop staff. This software was designed to save you time and money with features like drag-and-drop scheduling, commission tracking, tips calculation, and payroll reports available at a single click!

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Barbershop Staff Planning And management POS Software