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Uzeli SPA software is a simple all-in-one solution to upgrade client experience, improve processes and boost revenue. Watch Uzeli’s demo to find out why it is the best solution for your Spa.

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Barbershop Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software

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Six Ways Uzeli Serves You Better

Not all companies are created equal when it comes to treating their clients. Here are some ways
we serve our clients better than our competition.

Fast and friendly customer support

Uzeli comes with phone, email and text support 7 days a week

super simple user experience

Uzeli offers intuitive workflows that you can learn with minimum effort

merchant processor agnostic

Uzeli let’s you bring your own merchant processor if you prefer them over us

no annual contracts

Uzeli does not lock you in with annual contracts. Stay only as long as you want

Frictionless web booking

Uzeli’s online booking lets clients complete booking on your website without passwords

you own your data

With Uzeli, you own your clients data. This is not true for most other solutions

Uzeli Benefits

Our clients love us! And the kind, encouraging words from our clients are
our most valuable assets

Reduce time on phone

Reduce time on phone and no-shows using Uzeli’s Online Booking and Text Reminders

Save time

Eliminate Excel and save time preparing payroll with Uzeli’s one-click payroll reporting

Access information

Access up-to-the-second information anywhere in the world with Uzeli Live mobile app

Uzeli’s campaigns

Retain clients and accelerate growth using Uzeli’s miss-you and referral campaigns

Reduce pilferage

Reduce pilferage (revenue leakage) with Uzeli’s Smart Checkout solution

upgraded experience

Offer upgraded experience while saving front-desk costs with Uzeli’s check-in kiosk

minimize errors

Save time and minimize errors using Uzeli’s automations

Watch uzeli in action - schedule a demo zoom call

Signing up for a barbershop software without first watching a demo is like buying a car without test-riding it. You should do it.

schedule a demo zoom call
schedule a zoom call

During the 30 minute Zoom call, you will learn about

  • Online and in-person appointment booking workflows
  • Checking-in process for walk-in and appointment clients
  • Multi-location client profiles, notes and visit history
  • Loyalty, referral and retention marketing campaigns
  • Reports and dashboard features like staff scheduling
  • Gift cards, memberships and pre-paid package features
  • Spa commission tracking and payroll reporting
  • SmartCheckout cash leakage prevention & client feedback
  • Spa commission tracking and payroll reporting

word from our clients

Our clients love us! And the kind, encouraging words from our clients are our most valuable assets.

Growthzilla Client

Shreya D



reliable system

Overall : Uzeli has made connecting with clients very simple and efficient. Our clients love the reward tracking system and the texts they get once they've earned their loyalty coupon. This software has been overall very helpful in the daily customer transactions. I've realized as simple as technology can make our day-to-day lives, it can also arise unexpected technical problems. However, Uzeli's support team has been very reliable and is prompt in combating any issues or concerns whenever needed.

Pros : This software is very user friendly, I was able to navigate through it quite swiftly. It has made customer check-in and the overall transaction much simpler and easier.

Cons : I've experienced a glitch in the system where one of the tablets stopped working suddenly. It was only temporarily, as the support team was quick to help us get the tablet back on track.

grow your spa business with uzeli’s data driven growth platform

Uzeli spa software helps you grow revenue by providing your clients with a great experience from booking an appointment to check out.

Boost your revenue - get a free demo today!

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Performance Tracking Software For Barbershops

frequently asked questions

Our clients love us! And the kind, encouraging words from our clients are our most valuable assets.

Yes! all the above features come with 90 days refund policy. If you are with Uzeli and decide to cancel within 90 days, we refund 100% of your payments.

Yes! Uzeli subscription includes free access to our online education portal and we provide free training on how to use the software to grow and manage your business.

Yes, it does! All of these features come with a sleek checkout system that is perfect for accepting all major credit card types and supports Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Once you sign-up with Uzeli, you can get started within a week.

Absolutely! We have a data import and migration service that will help you move everything over to Uzeli without any additional cost.

Uzeli's monthly price depends on how many devices you want to use at your business. The Solo plan, which only includes a single device as the POS unit, starts at $99 per month and includes 500 text messages.

Yes, we offer ongoing support and training. Growthzilla's online education also makes it very easy for new associates to learn and use Uzeli.