Uzeli! #1 Automated Text Marketing System for Salons

Uzeli salon software equips salons and barbershops with a powerful automated text marketing system to effortlessly keep in touch with their customers, send personalized notifications and promotions, and significantly boost customer loyalty.

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What are the benefits of automated text marketing?

By leveraging SMS marketing, salons can boost their business and garner more customers. Here are some of the most effective strategies they should capitalize on:
Appointment Reminders help keep your Salon Top-of-mind

Increase your Sales and Revenue

Automated texts allow salons to quickly send notifications about promotions, discounts, and other offers. This makes it easier for salon owners to drive more sales by targeting customers with personalized messages that entice them to buy.

Enhance Customer Experience

Automated text messages make it easier for salon owners to remind customers about their appointments and thank them for their patronage. This kind of personalized customer experience helps to improve relationships with clients, builds customer loyalty, and encourages more people to visit the salon in the future.

Appointment reminders help reduce last-minute cancellations
Appointment Reminders help Build Loyalty and Repeat Busines

Save Time & Increase Productivity

Automated text messages make it easier for salons to communicate with their customers quickly and efficiently. By automating the process, salon owners can save time and increase productivity by avoiding the manual sending of appointment reminders.

Unlock the power of text messages to maximize your salon's
potential - we've got all the templates you need!

Miss You Campaign

Reach out to inactive customers with automated messages to remind them of your salon and get them back.


Special offer from Elite Salon: get 100.0% off of haircut with code XKCDM until 09/13/22. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

Loyalty Coupon

Show your customers you appreciate them by sending out loyalty offers.


At Elite Salon, get free eyebrow threading on your next visit. Use coupon XKCDM before 06/16/23. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

Service Cancellation Coupon

Automate messages to customers who cancel their appointment and incentivize them to come back.


Greetings from Elite Salon We'd love to see you back. Get 20.0% off of Eyebrows using code XKCDM until 07/15/22. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

Mother's Day Special

Make it easier for customers to book an appointment in the lead-up to Mother's Day.


Elite Salon: Mother's Day Get EyebrowTH+Tinting for $25, LashLift w FREE Eyebrow TH, LuxuryFacial w FREE Henna, HalfLeg&Hands. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

Namuna Reopens

Let your customers know that you’re back in business after reopening from the pandemic.


Precious Eyebrows: We are now open! You can book an appointment at or call us at (385) 528-2983. Thank You! Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

Referral Campaigns

Offer rewards to customers who refer others.


Elite Salon: As a newly-referred customer, you get 25% off of eyebrow threading. Code XKCDM. Thank you! Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

Giftcard/Membership Reminders

Automate messages to remind customers about gift cards and memberships.


Elite Salon: Thank you for using TextPay. Touch on the link to pay: Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

Appointment Reminders

Automate messages to remind customers of their upcoming appointments.


Appt Reminder: Elite Salon 08:45 AM, 06/16/22 To view policy & manage, visit OR call: (562)362-3456. Reply STOP to unsubscribe

FB Offer Trial

Send out automated messages to customers who have subscribed to Facebook offers.


Use $2 off coupon 120045 before 9/8/15. Elite Salon, 25910 Iris Ave, Suite 6A, Moreno Valley 92551. Reply 'STOP1399' to unsubscribe.

Welcome Messages

Send out automated messages to welcome new customers.


Welcome to Elite Salon Loyalty Rewards Program! Reply STOP to unsubscribe. Standard rates may apply

Summer Offers SMS Templates

Send out automated messages to advertise summer offers.


Elite Salon: Summer Offer, Get 25% Off of your eyebrow threading service. Code XMLYU. Expires 07/06/22. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

Customer Feedback via Text Message

Automatically send out survey messages to customers after they’ve visited the salon.


Thank you for visiting Elite Salon. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend? Reply STOP to unsubscribe. Standard rates may apply.

Promotional Text Message for Salons

Use automated messages to advertise special offers and discounts.


Get 20% off when you book your next appointment with Elite Salon. Get in quick - seats limited! Book at Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

New Product Alert SMS Templates

Automate messages to inform customers about new products and services.


We've just started One Waxing at Elite Salon, and we'd want you to be one of the first to try it! Book Now Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

Last-Minute Booking Offer Via SMS

Use automated messages to offer discounts to customers for last-minute bookings.


Today only, get 20% off any service from 2 PM to 6 PM at Elite Salon. Book Now Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

Business Reopen Announcement

Send out automated messages to inform customers that the salon has reopened.


Elite Salon is reopening on Feburary, 14 2022. Get 20.0% off of Eyebrows using code XKCDM until 07/15/22. Book: Reply STOP to unsubscribe.