Uzeli! Most Reliable way to Track and Manage Salon Inventory

Uzeli is the perfect solution for salon owners to keep on top of their inventory. Uzeli makes it easy to track your inventory, see which products are selling well, and get them stocked when stocks are running low.
So why wait? Try Uzeli today and take the hassle out of managing your salon inventory.

Let Uzeli take care of the hair salon for you!

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Uzeli Salon Software: The #1 Hair Salon Software

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What Makes Uzeli The Best Software To
Track And Manage Salon Inventory?

Get a 10X ROI with Uzeli Hair Salon Software

Effective stock management for improved Cash flow

Uzeli not only makes it easy to manage inventory, but it also tracks which products need to be reordered. With this, salon owners and managers can see what items are selling and what ones aren't. Over time, this helps your salon save money by deciding which items should stay in stock and which should be eliminated!

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Improved Customer Insight

Increase your business by providing different ways for customers to pay. Not everyone has or wants to use cash, so by offering QR and text pay options you can attract new customers looking for a convenient way to pay. Accept all major credit cards: Uzeli integrates with the most popular payment processors to ensure that you can accept any type of credit card payment.

Uzeli's inventory management system streamlines your product stocking, so you never have too much or too little of anything. By doing this, not only do you save money from avoidable product waste, but your salon becomes more cashflow positive.

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Security: Secure System software for Hair Salon
Reliability: Hair Salon software you can depend on with your business

Better Client Experience & Increased Customer Retention

If you want to maintain clients and have them returning, it is essential that you always keep their desired products in stock; this gives the impression that you care about their experience and satisfaction. Good client experiences and customer retention rates go hand-in-hand with building trust—all of which benefit your salon in the long run.

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Saves Time with systematic Inventory management

With POS directly connected to the inventory, adding new products, updating quantities, and running reports are just a few clicks away. This streamlined process saves valuable time that can be better spent on other tasks. Uzeli's inventory management features save salon owners time by automating the process of tracking inventory. This frees up time that can be better spent on other aspects of running the business, like marketing or customer service.

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Scalability: In-use on Single location to multi-location Hair Salons

“ Before switching to Uzeli, I used to get almost 50 calls a day from other franchisee staff asking for help with Mindbody issues. And every time we called them for help, it felt like calling Verizon for help, we would get 500 different people to help. That's the straw that broke the camel's back.”

Sean Donovan, Justin's Barbershop