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  • Seamless Scheduling with Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Inventory Management: Real-Time Tracking & Alerts
  • Gain Insights with Advanced Reporting & Analytics

"What we like about Uzeli? The ease of use. Their customer service is impeccable. All the great features. We switched to Uzeli because it's an amazing software."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Uzeli Salon Software integrate with social media platforms for marketing purposes?
Uzeli Salon Software allows businesses to use booking links on their social media pages with the ability to track how many appointments originate from each platform. Individual salon staff can also promote their services on social media by creating a unique booking link for themselves. Additionally, the software's client management and text marketing features can be used to promote social media campaigns, encouraging clients to follow and interact with the salon's social media profiles.
Does Uzeli Salon Software provide options for personalized service recommendations to clients?
Yes, Uzeli Salon Software enables salons to provide personalized service recommendations to clients. Based on client history, preferences, and purchase data stored in the system, salon staff can offer tailored service suggestions, enhancing the client's experience and potentially increasing sales.
How does Uzeli Salon Software assist in managing salon waitlists?
Uzeli Salon Software includes a feature for managing salon waitlists effectively. When appointments are fully booked, clients can be added to a waitlist. If a slot becomes available, the software can automatically notify waitlisted clients, offering them the opportunity to book the open slot.
Can Uzeli Salon Software track the popularity and profitability of different services offered?
Yes, Uzeli Salon Software provides detailed analytics and reporting tools that can track the popularity and profitability of different services offered by the salon. These reports help salon owners and managers understand which services are most in demand, their revenue generation, and profit margins, aiding in informed decision-making about service offerings and pricing strategies.
Can Uzeli Salon Software provide insights into client spending habits and preferences?
Yes, Uzeli Salon Software can provide valuable insights into client spending habits and preferences. The software's client management system stores detailed records of each client's services and purchases. Analyzing this data can help salons understand client preferences, tailor services, and make informed decisions about marketing and sales strategies.