Looking for Seamless Salon Operations on Your Apple Devices?

Embrace the power of Uzeli, optimizing salon management for Apple users. Intuitive scheduling, inventory control, and insights at your fingertips.

  • Effortless Appointment Coordination & Automated Alerts
  • Real-Time Stock Tracking with Simplified Apple Integration
  • Tailored Reporting Tools for Smart iOS-Based Analysis

"We looked at MindBody and other platforms but they were far too expensive than our current spent. We actually hadn’t heard of Growthzilla, initially. I’m glad we discovered them."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uzeli Salon Software?
Uzeli Salon Software is a comprehensive management tool designed for salons and spas. It offers features such as appointment scheduling, client management, point of sale transactions, inventory tracking, and employee management. With its user-friendly interface, Uzeli aims to streamline salon operations, enhance customer experience, and boost business efficiency.
Is Uzeli Salon Software compatible with different payment methods?
Yes, Uzeli Salon Software is designed to be compatible with a variety of payment methods. It supports cash, credit/debit cards, online payments, and gift cards. Uzeli also has built-in backup payment methods with QR Pay and Text Pay. This flexibility allows salons to accommodate the diverse payment preferences of their clients, ensuring a smooth and convenient checkout process.
Does Uzeli Salon Software offer any marketing tools?
Absolutely. Uzeli Salon Software comes equipped with a range of marketing tools designed to help salons grow their business. These include automated SMS marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, referral rewards, and the ability to do online promotions. Uzeli also offers a custom-branded mobile app for businesses with the ability to send push notifications. These tools are integrated into the software, making it easy to reach out to clients with personalized offers and promotions, thus driving repeat business and attracting new clients.
Is there a mobile app available for Uzeli Salon Software?
Yes, Uzeli Salon Software offers a Uzeli Live mobile app for salon owners and managers and a separate Uzeli Know mobile app for salon staff. The Uzeli Live app allows salon owners and managers to manage appointments, view client information, and other real-time details on the go. The Uzeli Know app permissions can be completely controlled by the salon managers and can provide salon staff with information about their schedule, service, and product sales.
Can Uzeli Salon Software be used for online booking by clients?
Absolutely. Uzeli Salon Software includes a feature for online booking, enabling clients to schedule appointments at their convenience. Uzeli's online booking is one of the easiest online booking solutions as it allows clients to book appointments without having to create an account and password. Plus, the online appointment is integrated with the self-check-in system and the POS making it a seamless experience for clients and a burden-free system for salon staff.