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Empower your independent salon business with Uzeli, the perfect partner for scheduling, client management, and growth.

  • Optimize Your Booking Process with Intuitive Scheduling Tools
  • Track Your Success with Robust Reporting, Tailored for Booth Renters
  • Expand Your Clientele with Customizable Marketing & Retention Features

"Now, with Uzeli, the salon—has reduced their need to hire 2 extra staff, increased their online booking appointments by over 50% and has witnessed 40-50 customers return every two weeks through Uzeli’s loyalty programs."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Uzeli Salon Software handle client no-shows and late cancellations?
Uzeli Salon Software helps salons manage client no-shows and late cancellations effectively. The software enables salons to set and enforce cancellation policies, including the option to charge cancellation fees. Automated reminders and confirmations help reduce the incidence of no-shows, while the ability to capture credit card details at booking provides a safeguard against lost revenue.
Can Uzeli Salon Software handle online and in-salon retail sales?
Yes, Uzeli Salon Software is equipped to handle both online and in-salon retail sales. Its integrated POS system supports in-salon product sales, while its e-commerce capabilities enable online sales through the salon's website or mobile app. This dual approach allows salons to maximize their retail potential by reaching clients both in the salon and online.
Does Uzeli Salon Software allow for scheduling and managing recurring appointments?
Yes, Uzeli Salon Software includes functionality for scheduling and managing recurring appointments. This feature is particularly useful for clients who require regular appointments, such as weekly or monthly services. It simplifies the booking process for both clients and staff, ensuring consistent appointments and enhancing client convenience.
Can Uzeli Salon Software be accessed from multiple devices?
Absolutely. Uzeli Salon Software is cloud-based, allowing access from multiple devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. This flexibility ensures that salon owners and staff can manage operations, view schedules, and access client information from anywhere, providing greater mobility and convenience.
How does Uzeli Salon Software facilitate client communication?
Uzeli Salon Software offers multiple channels for effective client communication. It includes features like automated SMS and email reminders, marketing campaigns, and personalized messages. These tools ensure regular engagement with clients, promoting offers, updates, and important information, thereby enhancing the client relationship.