Best Salon POS with 50+ Amazing Features: Uzeli Salon Software

With a perfect combination of powerful features, ease of use, and friendly customer service, Uzeli is the best point-of-sale software for your salon.

Uzeli POS system helps salons acquire, engage, and retain clients with a custom- designed POS hardware and software, check-in and SmartCheckout solution, walk-in management, online/offline appointment booking, flexible loyalty program, and more.

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A salon point of sale (POS) system is a software tool that facilitates operation, growth, and retention for salons. Unlike a retail POS, Uzeli salon POS also has essential features for a salon business like online/in-person appointment booking, waitlist management, automated marketing, flexible loyalty program, client checking-in, and client management, staff scheduling, staff commissions, time tracking, and cash pilferage control.

Salon POS systems are an integral part of the modern salon business. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar location or offer online sessions, Uzeli is the system for you. Uzeli Salon POS software can help your business grow and generate more revenue by streamlining operations, improving customer experience, and generating additional business with automated marketing.

Features of Uzeli Salon POS System

Uzeli is a cloud-based salon POS software that automates tedious and time-consuming activities, saves money, and generates more revenue

  • Custom-designed POS hardware with easy user interface

  • Cloud-based POS with utmost security and reliability

  • Self-check-in kiosk for both appointment and walk-in clients

  • Client-facing SmartCheckout solution to capture tips and feedback for each transaction

  • Automated booking confirmation and appointment reminders to reduce missed appointments and wait-time

  • Uzeli Live mobile app for owners and managers that shows up-to-date information from the business

  • A flexible loyalty program that is tightly integrated with the POS platform

  • Built-in features to sell, track and redeem gift cards, packages and memberships with ease

  • Online appointment booking that integrates seamlessly with the POS

  • An anti-pilferage check-out solution validates each transaction with clients before processing through the POS

  • Comprehensive dashboard for salon owners and managers to track business performance in real-time

  • Built-in reporting tools with dozens of standard reports and drag-and-drop report designers to keep you informed

  • Online/walk-in appointment booking with waitlist management

  • Easy payment processing supporting cash, cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and mobile payments

  • Staff commission tracking to pay your staff based on sales volume or total sales each pay period

  • Enhanced security protocols to ensure client data safety

  • Integrated inventory management that helps track, manage and maintain salon supplies

Benefits of Uzeli POS System

Uzeli is cloud-based software that automates tedious and time-consuming activities, saves money, and generates more business for your company. The following are some of Uzeli’s key features:Know about complete features offered by Uzeli: Contact Uzeli Salon Software Expert Today!

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  • Retain clients and accelerate growth using Uzeli's miss-you and referral campaigns

    Uzeli Salon POS software is far superior to other "free Salon software" that claim to be better. To begin with, no such businesses exist. They may either sell your information in order to make money or utilize hidden strategies to charge you later on.

    Uzeli automates client acquisition and maintenance. Use Uzeli's miss-you and referral campaigns to automatically send discount offers and coupons to your consumers, enticing them to visit the salon and recommend you to their friends. As a result, these campaigns generate additional business without straining your resources.

    Uzeli Salon Software's referral and miss-you campaigns are among the most popular elements, delivering a 5X return on investment within 90 days of signing up and most Uzeli clients generating 10x returns on a regular basis.

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  • Save time and minimize errors using Uzeli's automation

    Every minute you devote to managing your business is time that might be spent earning money. Uzeli automates frequent activities, allowing you to focus on more important things. In addition to that, Uzeli automates marketing by monitoring clients who have not answered for a certain amount of time and sending them coupons via text message reminders. Our clients frequently cite Uzeli's automation as one of the reasons they believe it to be the best pos system for salons.

  • Reduce time on phone and no-shows using Uzeli's Online Booking and Text Reminders

    Uzeli booking system eliminates the need for your staff to handle phone queries for appointments booking. Uzeli's text reminder function sends clients a text message regarding the booking confirmation and final text to remind them of their upcoming visits. Appointment reminder SMS reduces the no-shows by reminding the client about the appointment they have booked. All of these features will enable your business to decrease idle time and increase the number of clients served.

    Allow clients to make appointments directly from the website or mobile app and increase revenue by facilitating direct bookings. Customers can pick any service that is available, as well as a date and time, using the Website Salon Appointment Booking Software.

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  • Offer upgraded experience while saving front-desk costs with Uzeli's check-in kiosk

    Uzeli Salon Software enables salons to offer clients(for both online bookings and direct Walk-in) the flexibility of self-check-in and check-out while requiring minimal involvement of the front desk staff.

    Customers can check in with the phone number, and when your customers have availed of your service, they can check out without needing to wait in line.

    Salons won't have to worry about manual data entry or errors because everything is securely saved along with the client's purchase and preferences, which may customize your marketing communications.

    With the Uzeli Salon System, thousands of Salon and barbershops can save on staff costs while providing a professional and efficient front desk.

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  • Eliminate Excel and save time preparing payroll with Uzeli's one-click payroll reporting

    The Point of Sale System keeps track of how many hours each barber works, the services they provide, and the items sold. Uzeli provides a fully customizable payroll calculator that generates reports in a single click. You may save hours of time by completing payroll preparation in minutes instead of hours using Uzeli instead of excel or pen and paper.

    All of your appointments are automatically recorded, so there's no longer any need for double-entry. No mistakes or omissions while entering data ensures greater accuracy and less potential for error, making it one fewer thing to worry about!

  • Reward clients and generate repeat business using Uzeli’s Loyalty and membership management

    While loyalty cards and gift coupons are great ways to generate additional business and keep their loyal customers, managing and tracking can be a hassle if you are not using the Loyalty management feature of Uzeli Salon Management.

    Send, track, and implement Loyalty with zero hassle from Uzeli Loyalty and Membership management.

    Our Loyalty Programs module lets you track everything they buy and earn reward points every time they spend money at your Salon. These points might be redeemed for future purchases. Salons may create bespoke loyalty programs according to their requirements.

    The Loyalty is integrated into POS and can be viewed and redeemed immediately.

  • Access up-to-the-second information anywhere in the world with Uzeli Live mobile app

    Uzeli Live reporting for owners and managers shows up-to-date information from the business. Manage your business on the go(Anywhere) with your desktop and smartphone.

    Growing a salon requires reporting the correct numbers from Point-of-sale systems to track sales and make future decisions. The Reporting features in Uziel's salon management software allow you to instantly view all of the information about your business, so you'll always have up-to-date data when making decisions.

    Whether you are in your Salon or on vacation, you can check your sales, inventory, manage your salon and payroll, track in real-time from anywhere in the world.

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  • Reduce pilferage (revenue leakage) with Uzeli's SmartCheckout solution

    Uzeli Salon POS System helps safeguard your company's revenue by reducing cash register theft. Before the POS processes a purchase, an anti-pilferage cash register validates each transaction and confirms cash payment before opening the cash register.

    The custom-built integrated POS hardware and software solution aids in the safe management of your salon while also minimizing revenue loss due to theft. There's no need to be concerned about buying, and compatibility with the Uzeli POS system has everything you need.

    SmartCheckout is part of the Uzeli POS system. It's a self-checkout for customers for tips, payments, feedback, and much more. This ensures that every client has a fantastic experience and shares the experience on the platform. In case of any issue, an alert is sent to the owner/manager, which can be resolved in time to avoid escalating the problem.

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  • Modernize your front-desk: Add TV waitlist display

    Remember the display screen on Airports that display the scheduled flights and the updates? This not only makes information easy to access, but it also reduces staff time wastage individually telling clients about their wait time.

    Modernize your Salon front desk with a TV waitlist display supported by the Uzeli POS system. Not only the waitlist, but you can also add the service menu and any other branding message and promotions on the screen.

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  • Offer multiple payment options to clients: Easy payment processing options through cash, cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and mobile payments

    Allow customers to swipe, dip, or tap their card on their own instead of having an assistant do it for them. Not only does payment processing, but the Uzeli Salon POS also offers credit card processing (both your merchant processor and our own), QR Pay, and Friend pay.

    Aside from this, salons may take a small booking advance to reduce customers with higher cancellations and no-shows.

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  • Keep your staff motivated with performance-based incentives: POS employee commission tracking

    The Uziel Salon software offers a commission tracking option to motivate your staff with performance-based incentives. This way, the team will work hard for you, knowing that their efforts are recognized with rewards and compensation. The POS software also offers the function of customized commission tracking for different staff titles, such as stylists or receptionists, and it will automatically calculate commissions to respective employees.

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  • Uzeli offers salon POS systems to fit the needs of your business. Whether you are just starting or looking for more advanced software, we have options that allow you to control all your operations

    From one station Salon to multi-location Salon Uzeli can manage smoothly, no additional hassle required. Uzeli is built from day one to help be friendly enough to serve one station salon and feature-rich to handle multi-station salons.

    Whether you have multiple stations in a single store or have multiple stations in multiple locations, Uzeli salon can work smoothly.

    Whether you need a single location salon management system or a franchise salon software, Uzeli has the features your business needs - all for a low monthly fee.

How to install a Salon POS Software?

You sit and relax. Our professional onboarding experts here in the United States will help you with the installation of the system, provide the training to your staff as well.With our short video training, your team will be able to operate the POS fluently.We don't stop here. Our dedicated support staff is there to solve any issue, however small or big your face.

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